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Dedicated to Excellence in Plumbing Services

Chaney Services has established itself as a leader in plumbing solutions, distinguished by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on professionalism and reliability, ready to serve and expand into new communities with the same dedication that has defined our work for over two decades.

Professional Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumbing Services

Day or night, our Emergency Plumbing Services are here to address your most urgent needs, such as burst pipes or severe drain blockages. With around-the-clock availability, our skilled technicians provide rapid and dependable solutions to quickly resolve these critical issues and prevent extensive damage to your home.

Drain Solutions

Keep your drains flowing smoothly with our Drain Cleaning and Maintenance services. Whether it's removing stubborn clogs or performing routine maintenance to prevent future blockages, our team ensures your plumbing operates efficiently. Trust us to handle everything from kitchen sinks to main sewer lines with care and precision.

Water Heater Services

Ensure your comfort with our Water Heater Services, offering professional installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you need a new system installed or your current unit repaired, our experienced technicians provide fast, reliable solutions to keep your water hot and your energy costs low.

Where We Work

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Cincinnati, OH, USA

At Chaney Services, we proudly cover the heartbeat of our community and beyond—spanning the vibrant Tri-State area and extending about 10 miles past the I-275 loop. Whether you’re nestled in the bustling streets of downtown or situated in the quieter outskirts, our dedicated team is just a call away, ready to ensure your plumbing needs are met with the highest standard of care.

Hear from Our Customers

Don't just take our word for it — see what our customers have to say about their experiences with Chaney Services.


Justin Freeman

Cincinnati, OH

We used Chaney Services for our sewer rebuild Nate was on site everyday and had great communication. He explained things in a manner that I could understand. He also weighed the pros vs cons of some decisions I had to make. He was very honest and displayed great integrity. I would put the customer service as above and beyond. And communication could not have been better. The price was very fair and reasonable. The value they bring along with the price I cannot see being beat by anyone. Not even close. I refer a lot of business and I cannot wait to refer Chaney Services to the next person I know needing any plumbing work.


Work Done: Facing persistent blockages in basement floor drains, our team initiated a comprehensive investigation and repair of the underlying sewer line issues. After unsuccessful attempts with conventional methods, we employed a camera to pinpoint the blockage beneath the garage, revealing a broken sewer line due to an old, inadequate repair. This extensive project required breaking up concrete to excavate and replace the damaged pipes with new, code-compliant PVC piping. We restored the integrity of the sewer system by meticulously laying new pipes, installing a cleanout for easy future access, and ensuring proper bedding with sand to prevent settling. The project concluded with repatching the concrete, leaving the site in pristine condition.


Sandi Drake

Fairfield, OH

I have now called upon Chaney twice, and have been impressed both times. They are fair, professional, and caring problem solvers. I was referred by a good neighbor and it's a relief to have a company with integrity to work through these pretty major issues. I highly recommend them!


Work Done: After discovering a broken sewer pipe in the front yard, our team scoped the line and found the issue close to the walkway and porch steps. We plan to replace the damaged clay pipe with new PVC piping, adding a clean-out for easy future maintenance. In the basement, we’re installing a sump pump system to prevent water buildup, which includes digging a small pit and laying new pipes to channel water safely away to the driveway. We'll also add a storm drain in a landscaped area to improve drainage around the property. Once the work is complete, we’ll restore the basement floor with new concrete. This comprehensive approach ensures the home remains dry and the foundation protected, backed by a full year's labor warranty and additional guarantees on the pump and battery system.


Barrett Peterson

Cincinnati, OH

I used Charlie's services twice last year. Once to install gas piping to my fireplace, and then to install a tankless water heater. I quoted several plumbers for both jobs, and Charlie was competitive on both jobs. But it was not only the price that made my decision to bring him back for the second job, but it was the way he treated me as a customer. He was polite, thorough, and timely and cleaned up after the job was finished. He kept in constant communication between quote and finishing the jobs and delivered what he said he was going to do. I have had 0 issues with the work he performed, and would not hesitate to call him back.


Work Done: Our skilled team upgraded the basement's gas plumbing to enhance efficiency and safety. We connected new gas lines to the existing system and securely mounted them along the basement wall. Our work included precision drilling through concrete and wood to route the piping and install essential controls next to the fireplace. We also replaced an outdated water heater with a modern, efficient tankless model, which involved new connections and a custom vent installation through the foundation. The entire setup was thoroughly tested to ensure a perfect, leak-free operation.


Jim Obert

Loveland, OH

I was one of their 1st customers when they started the business. They've helped me out on several projects in the past couple of years. Timely and tidy - They do a great job at a reasonable fee.


Work Done: Our team efficiently replaced an old water heater with a new, customer-supplied tankless model. We handled the removal of the old unit and prepared it for transport. The new tankless heater was securely mounted on the wall, and we connected it with new hot and cold feed lines. Additionally, we installed a new 1/2” gas line and a condensate line to ensure proper drainage. For the unit’s ventilation, we set up a 2” exhaust and a 2” intake through the side of the home, sealing all penetrations to protect the foundation and adhering to code for secure and effective operation. Please note that a certified electrician is required to install a GFCI outlet near the unit for safety compliance. We also provided additional services, including snaking the floor drain and replacing an outdated ice maker valve, ensuring a comprehensive and leak-free installation.


Jennifer L.

Hamilton, OH

I was originally recommended to Charlie with Chaney Services per family for their outstanding service and professionalism about a year and a half ago now for services. Every time I have either talked to him on the phone or have had to have home or his staff come to my house they have always been professional, friendly, have been accommodating for scheduling purposes and provided excellent service. I can tell that they, especially Charlie, are passionate about their work and helping people. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do, and keep up the excellent work 😊


Work Done: Our team efficiently replaced a non-functional garbage disposal with a new, reliable 1/2 Hp Badger 5 unit. The installation included connecting the disposal to the electrical system, sink, drain, and dishwasher discharge to ensure a seamless integration. After a thorough testing process, we confirmed the setup was fully operational with no leaks, providing the homeowner with enhanced kitchen functionality.


Millisa Bee

Loveland, OH

Prompt, reliable, cost effective services! Very happy with our plumbing repair experience after a burst pipe in our laundry room. Very pleased that plumber upon entering my home, placed shoe covers on, and cleaned up and removed debris upon job completion. Would definitely utilize their services again for future repairs/ projects! Thank you.


Work Done: After a customer reported a leak during the washing machine's discharge, our team investigated and found a hole in the trap behind the wall. We promptly replaced the damaged 1 1/2 inch trap with a new one, ensuring it was securely connected to the existing drain system. The repair was tested by running the washing machine multiple times to confirm that there were no leaks, restoring the system's functionality smoothly.


Michael Dial

Cincinnati, OH

2 years ago. Was having problems with my main drain under my house. I had the plumbing company help come out they gave me an estimate of over $16,000. Charlie came out the next day gave me an estimate of $2,100 they did the work in 2 days. Everything works fine everything's flowing great I've used Charlie a couple times since then he's dependable reliable and very reasonable I highly recommend his company.


Work Done: We tackled a significant plumbing issue by addressing a deteriorated 2-inch kitchen line in the crawlspace. Using chipping hammers and chisels, we removed the concrete and unearthed the old drain, discovering a faulty 'Wye' fitting that was leaking kitchen water. After removing the defective cast iron sections and cleaning the line, we installed new PVC piping, ensuring a secure and efficient setup. The system was thoroughly tested for flow, backfilled, and the area was cleaned up, removing old pipes and contaminated soil. Additionally, we upgraded the lavatory sink drainage with new PVC components and improved the toilet's efficiency by installing a new fill valve, ensuring everything operates perfectly with no leaks or backups.


Rachel Holmes

Hamilton, OH

Charlie and Nate are wonderful people who are fast , friendly . They really do a great job every time I’ve ever needed their help with our plumbing projects. I highly recommend them to everyone who needs any plumbing jobs done right the first time . They are willing to help out anyone.


Work Done: We upgraded an outdated heater with a new Natural Gas A.O. Smith model, ensuring top-notch efficiency. Our team handled all aspects of the installation, from connecting the gas lines to repiping the hot and cold water connections in copper. The new tank and valve were expertly fitted, resulting in a fully functional system with no leaks, providing reliable and efficient hot water performance.


Carolyn Emeneker

West Chester, OH

I have used Chaney Services twice in the past 6 months. Both times, the response time to my call was quick and the plumber was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I especially appreciated being told on the second call that I did NOT need a new hot water heater and the company's honesty and integrity saved me a couple of thousand dollars. I highly recommend this company.


Work Done: We efficiently restored outdoor water access by rerunning the hose bib line and installing a new Woodford #17 hose bib at the previous location. Our team secured the bib to the exterior wall with sturdy mollies and screws, and applied a bead of silicone around the escutcheon to prevent water intrusion. After thoroughly testing the installation and checking for leaks, we confirmed the system was fully operational and leak-free.


Carole L.

Blue Ash, OH

Hot water heater had to be replaced (carbon monoxide) and, of course, it was the coldest day of the year. Charlie came out right away. He had one of the lower quotes, especially for a weekend. He completed the job for $70 less than the original quote because he took the time to look over everything before he started in order to maximize what was available and salvageable. He was exceptionally clean and conscientious of my floors. He made sure everything was functional and safe before he left. He will for sure be my first call the next time I need a plumber. Highly recommend.


Work Done: We upgraded an outdated 40-gallon water heater to a new Rheem 50-gallon natural gas model, enhancing capacity and efficiency. Our skilled team handled the installation, including new hot and cold water connections and updating the vent and gas tie-ins. We ensured the water heater was precisely leveled and fully operational, with all systems checked for leaks and confirmed to be working perfectly.


Pete Ballauer

Hamilton, OH

Outstanding service, informed me how my problem occurred, how it was going to be fixed and exactly how long to fix and the cost before they began work. Finished under time without add on costs. Price was exceptional and the work is professional.


Work Done: Our plumber efficiently addressed a malfunctioning hose bib in front of the house that had split. A new Woodford Model 17 hose bib was installed, reconnected to the water system with a push connect coupling suited for the CPVC water lines. The work was performed in an unfinished area inside the house, ensuring the installation was not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing and leak-free.


Cynthia Huffman

Liberty Township, OH

Very pleased with Chaney Services work. They set up exterior gas lines for an outdoor fireplace and have done interior work for us as well. They are professional, friendly, tidy and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend and will use them again for our next plumbing need.


Work Done: Our team expertly installed a 30-foot gas flex line into existing conduit to facilitate a new fireplace setup. We fitted the necessary valves and conducted a rough-in, ensuring all gas connections complied with code standards. The installation included grounding the new appliance gas line to the home's existing hard piped system. After thorough testing and documentation, we confirmed the system was fully operational with no leaks, guaranteeing safe and reliable use.


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